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» Pale Yellow

Cream together butter and sugar until pale yellow.

Father's Day

Tracy Byrne

If your father is anything like mine, he is difficult buy gifts for.  Usually Christmas, Father's Day, and his birthday involves chipping in with my mom or brother for a gift certificate or something I don't understand from Cabella's.  This birthday was no different with my brother picking up the gift certificate, but still I wanted to something extra special.  And since my brother never signs my name to the card even though I paid half, I always need to make sure the parents know who the most awesome child is!

I first saw this idea here and here, but Key Foods has a poor selection of candy and it was raining, I was not going out in search of candy.  I worked with what I could find!  I sent this for my dad's birthday, but I think it would be excellent for Father's Day.  My dad really enjoyed the gift!  It's hard to see, but this is what the card said:

Dear Dad, Happy whooper of a birthday!  Fifty-six is starting to sound old, but there are no snickers here!  Even though I can be quite the goober and often have butterfingers, I am never a milk dud.  You have always been such a smartie and a lifesaver!  Enjoy crunch-ing on all this candy, I hope you don't get chunky.  You should come to New York and see the team Baby Ruth played for!  I love you good and plenty.  Tracy

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