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» Pale Yellow

Cream together butter and sugar until pale yellow.

What I Learned This Week #4

Tracy Byrne

IMG_2413 What I Learned This Week:

  • Fri. 10/25 - "If we're open to hearing and speaking the truth, we can avoid so much awkwardness." - Tracy on the Joy the Baker Podcast. Return to Oz is a WEIRD movie, thanks Cogan family!
  • Sat. 10/26 - I did a pretty good job facilitating my first PD for a group of 19 teachers, the new job is improving.
  • Sun. 10/27 - I just finished reading Game of Thorns and am displeased with some of the choices.
  • Mon. 10/28 - There is a Taco Bell in Greenpoint, score!
  • Tues. 10/29 - Teachers can get a special teacher library card from the Brooklyn Library where they can check out extra books, cd's, and dvd's; plus NO fines.  Zero fines.  I think I've spent close to $50 in fines over the last 6 years...
  • Wed. 10/30 - My turtles are getting so big and fat!  They are gaining 2-3 grams a week, that seems like a lot!
  • Thurs. 10/31 - I learned so many things this week, here are the odds and ends:
    • There are these little harvest mice in Australia that eat corn and other grain that reproduce up to THREE times in a breeding season.  That's about 30 little, baby mice.  The babies get kicked out of the nest at 2 weeks old and are able to reproduce at 5 weeks old.
    • There is only one product that anyone can think of us that needs to be made in America to be considered this product - bourbon.  Other rules for calling a bourbon a bourbon: at least 51% corn mash and aged in new, charred oak barrels.
    • Sometimes it's okay to be a creepier and invite children to your house.  It's Halloween and no one rang our doorbell so I just went outside to find kids to give candy to; we were going to eat it all!
    • Pumpkin spice liqueur is delicious and worth the hunt.  Recipe to come...

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