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» Pale Yellow

Cream together butter and sugar until pale yellow.

Peppermint Bark Cookies

Tracy Byrne

peppermint bark cookies | pale yellow I'm a proud participant in The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap of 2013!  I sent out 3 batches of these cookies and received 3 batches of cookies from other bloggers in return. fbcookieswap2013_whiteI do admit, when I received my first batch of cookies from a stranger it was a little weird; usually I don't eat food from people I don't know.  But then I said, "What the heck?" and enjoyed a delightful cookie!  And then I shared with my roommates!

peppermint bark cookies | pale yellowI sent cookies to 3 blogs that are new to me: Whatcha Makin' Now?, Fantastical Sharing of Recipes, and Homemade Cravings.  These ladies have created some lovely blogs with unique and interesting recipes; you should check them out!

peppermint bark cookies | pale yellowThe first batch I received was from Kat of I Want Crazy.  She sent fantastic coconut cream cookies that were quickly gobbles up by the roommates and I; I can't wait for the recipe when she posts it!  The next batch was from Sarah at Punctuated with Food.  She sent super large, colorful cookies - so fun!  I think my third batch was lost in the shipping world because I often have a trouble receiving packages and was out of town for several days. To whoever sent the third batch thank you and I'm sorry, please let me know who you are!

peppermint bark cookies | pale yellowThis was one of the easiest doughs I have EVER worked with!  The chocolate dough was a breeze to roll out and it held its shape perfectly.  The chocolate cookies were delightful on their own without any chocolate topping.  The dough was minty and lovely.  I ate a lot of dough scraps, a lot.  I wish there was more minty flavor in the topping, so next time (and there will be a next time!) I would add a little dash of peppermint extract into the chocolate.

peppermint bark cookies | pale yellowThese peppermint bark cookies are perfect for Christmas baking!  They are lovely and festive and full of chocolate and peppermint, which seem to be the ideal holiday flavors.  Peppermint bark seems to be EVERYWHERE!  This is a fun and creative way to incorporate peppermint bark into a cookie.  I wish I had a few left to scarf down!

peppermint bark cookies | pale yellowOne Year Ago - Pecan Bark

Print the Recipe!

Peppermint Bark Cookies Adapted from Annie’s Eats Yield - 45 cookies

2 1/4 cups flour 1 cup cocoa, Hershey’s Special Dark 1/4 teaspoon salt 18 tablespoons unsalted butter, room temperature 2 1/4 cups powdered sugar 3 eggs 1 1/2 teaspoons peppermint extract 3/4 teaspoons vanilla 9 ounces bittersweet chocolate 2 tablespoons coconut oil 15 ounces white chocolate crushed candy canes or peppermint candies

  1. Whisk together the flour, cocoa, and salt, set aside
  2. In the bowl of a stand mixer with a paddle attachment, beat together the butter and powdered sugar until light and creamy on high speed.  Beat in the eggs and extracts.  Scrape the bowl as needed.
  3. On low speed, add the dry ingredients until just combined
  4. Wrap the dough in a disk in plastic wrap.  Refrigerate for 2 hours or overnight.  The dough is very soft.
  5. Preheat the oven to 325 ˚F and line baking sheets with parchment paper.
  6. Flour your surface and roll the dough into a thickness of 1/4" and cut into 3-inch circles.
  7. Bake for 9-10 minutes or until set.  Let cool on the pan for 5 minutes and then cool completely on a wire rack.
  8. In the bowl of a double boiler, melt the bittersweet chocolate with one tablespoon of coconut oil.  Use an offset spatula to spread a thin layer on the top of each cookie.  Allow the chocolate to harden by placing the cookies in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.
  9. Melt the white chocolate in a clean double boiler with one tablespoon of coconut oil.  Use a teaspoon to spread white chocolate on each cookie.  Sprinkle the tops with crushed mints.
  10. Let harden in the refrigerator before packaging.peppermint bark cookies | pale yellow