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» Pale Yellow

Cream together butter and sugar until pale yellow.

What I Learned This Week #27

Tracy Byrne

Will I ever get sick on the beach? What I Learned This Week:

  • Fri. 4/4 - I'm a person of weak conviction and am about to start wearing leggings as pants...
  • Sat. 4/5 - What you put out into this world gets returned to you.
  • Sun. 4/6 - Homemade coconut ice cream is way better than the store bought version.
  • Mon. 4/7 - If I hustle, I can make it from The Space Center to the ferry in 25 minutes.  Huffing and puffing, yes, but at least I made it!
  • Tues. 4/8 - Teaching upperclassmen is where it's at; they are real people.
  • Wed. 4/9 - Where the almost nude beach is in Rockaway!
  • Thurs. 4/10 - The reality that I'm about to start another graduate program has not sunk in yet.
  • Fri. 4/11 - The thalamus part of your brain appears to have equal activity across both hemispheres when looked at under a brain scan.  That is, unless you are person who prays/meditates to a loving God or god-like being.  This act brings a sense of faith, security, and love, thereby enlarging one side of your thalamus.  There is truth and physical change by reaching a more peaceful state.

Around the Internets:

  • Maybe I'll like popsicles this year?
  • I need to practice more.   I get bored and feel like I'm in a rut.
  • Aquinas College in the news for an amazing prank?  Why yes!  Love my alma mater, perhaps I should donate more...
  • I'm getting more and more hippy, these sound delicious in a salad.

Mason jar sippy cups, I love a good straw!

One Year Ago - Mississippi Mocha Mud Brownies