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» Pale Yellow

Cream together butter and sugar until pale yellow.

March Madness - Elite Eight

Tracy Byrne

My roommates love college basketball, really love college basketball and unless you don't follow sports at all, you're probably aware of the March Madness tournament currently going on.  Just so you know, I am the reigning champion of our roommate bracket tournament - two years in a row.  And I'm currently winning this year's bracket!  My mom is currently winning! As we sit and watch the games they are telling me about how I should have done a post for the tournament. Well, I've been a little busy.  So this is a joint post between their blog, The Sixth (Wo)man- From The Breslin to The Big Apple and mine.

Leave a  comment below picking your final four, two, and tournament champion from the remaining Elite Eight!

Marquette v. Syracuse

Marquette - Stout Cupcakes - Andrea's alumna mater and my pick, Stout Cupcakes  Andrea's words.  Also a beer and pretzel cupcake for Wisconsin, perfect!

Stout Cupcakes 8 // pale yellow

Syracuse - Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Pudding - Orange frosting for the Orangemen.  Honestly I don't care since Indiana has disappointed me on several different levels this year.

vanilla cupcakes with chocolate pudding // pale yellow

Florida v. Michigan

Florida - Blood Orange Margaritas - It's sunny Florida, what could be better than a blood orange margarita.  I honestly wanted Florida Gulf Coast to win as they have such a great story!

Blood Orange Margaritas

Michigan - Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes - This one is all about the colors, maize and blue, at least the lemon isn't obnoxious like U of M's uniforms.  Represent the state of Michigan well!

Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes via Pale Yellow

Louisville v. Duke

Louisville - Chocolate & Bourbon Cupcakes - Louisville is in Kentucky, bourbon is from Kentucky, obvi!

Chocolate & Bourbon Cupcakes // Pale Yellow

Duke - Cookie Crazy Cupcakes - Apparently the student section is called The Cameron Crazies. It works.  Appreciate the alliteration. This is the worst of all since we're MSU fans around here.

Cookie Crazy Cupcakes via Pale Yellow

Wichita State v. Ohio State

Wichita - Man Cupcakes - Why?  Because they are men and from the Midwest.  They are probably going to lose anyway.

Man Cupcakes

Ohio State - Peanut butter chocolate mini cupcakes - The Buckeyes, a chocolate and peanut butter cupcake based on the classic chocolate covered peanut butter candy of the same name.  As a former-Michigander it's hard to cheer for OSU, but go Big Ten!

chocolate peanut butter mini cupcakes // pale yellow

Don't forget to comment below on the winner of each match up!