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Cream together butter and sugar until pale yellow.

Eat all the Food Atlanta

Tracy Byrne

The last time Lynn came to New York I dragged her on this epic food tour of New York.  Basically it was just my quest to eat all the sweets I could handle in one day.  The day was exhausting, but we had a blast and my stomach was full and happy. Lynn and I at the Georgia Aquarium

Lynn is moving out of Atlanta in a few weeks and when I went down to visit her, I knew this would probably be my last time in Atlanta for awhile.  Atlanta is a great food city and there were still a lot of places I wanted to try.  Lynn offered a few of her own suggestions and we tried as many places as possible.  I stumbled upon this website which lists all the restaurants that have been featured on various food shows.

Delayed flight wine - getting slightly drunk before a flight is my favorite thing to do!

If you're anything like me, you watch your fair share of food shows with drool dripping down you chin and you want to eat everything the TV personalities are showing!  I have the app too, which is great because it will find places based on your GPS location.  The website/app is a fun way to find new, exciting places to eat and drink around town!

I'm not just a science nerd, I love to read.  Finally visited the Margret Mitchell house where she wrote Gone with the Wind.  Loved typing on the old typewriter, but so thankful for modern computers!

Anyway, here is the food adventure Lynn and I took in chronological order over 2 days.  All photos are from my newly created Instagram account!  Follow me - paleyellowbakes!

Breakfast of champions! Vanilla bean doughnut and a nutella filled doughnut.

Revolution Doughnuts - 908 West College Avenue, Decatur, GA 30030 Tried - Nutella puff, Vanilla bean, and Buttermilk doughnuts Opinion – Not as light as would like, but super fun and flavorful.  The flavors are unique, well constructed, and fantastic.  Plus the staff is super friendly.


Sweet potato tater tots with a coffee bbq sauce and blue cheese dipping sauce.  Seriously, they best thing I've eaten in a long time!

Lynchburg Lemonade - bourbon, lemonade, vodka - frozen to perfection!

Flip Burger - Midtown Atlanta - 1587 Howell mill road, Atlanta, GA, 30318, p. 404.352.3547 Tried - Lamb burger, Turkey burger, Sweet potato tots, Lynchburg lemonade Opinion – Again the staff was super friendly and the waiter was helpful and great with the recommendations.  We started with a cool, refreshing Lynchburg lemonade that was boozy and not overly sweet.  Then we had the sweet potato tots.  Shut the front door, this little dish has now moved into my top 5 of all time favorite dishes.  Get them.  Lynn and I did half-sies on each burger and both were flavorful, unique and tasty.


Salted caramel popsicle from King of Pops, he deserves the title of king!

King of Pops - The corner – look on the websites they move around.  We went to the original corner location. Tried - Salted caramel, Coconut lemon grass, Chocolate sea salt Opinion – We went Saturday and then I asked Lynn to stop again Sunday.  That good I needed it twice.  I tried the salted caramel on Saturday at the suggestion the popsicle seller, totally the right choice, amazing!  The chocolate sea salt was good on Sunday, just not as good as the first one.

Two popsicles in two days?  Absolutely!  When they are this good, how can you not!

Fancy bourbon cocktail!

Iberian Pig - 121 Sycamore Street, Decatur, GA 30030 – 404.371.8800 Tried - Dates wrapped in bacon, Croquettes de queso, Eggplant fries, Arugula salad, and North park square (bourbon cocktail) Opinion – We went for a late dinner of tapas and were not disappointed.  Apparently everyone in the South is way friendlier than up here in New York, because the cocktail was another wonderful suggestion from the waiter – strong and boozy!  We shared the three tapas and they were well sized and fantastic.  The salad was a nice end to the meal and it had many unique flavors like the Marcona almonds and the vanilla bean vinaigrette.  You can tell their chef takes a lot of care with the food and the prices are really reasonable.

It was night, the photos aren't great, but here are the tapas we enjoyed.

The Little Tart Bakeshop with Octane @ The Jane - 437 Memorial Drive SE, Atlanta, GA Tried – Bacon, cheddar scone and chocolate almond croissant Opinion – First of all this is a large, open, lovely space with a great outdoor patio to enjoy your breakfast.  I went a little savory for breakfast with the scone.  It was so tender and moist and just a little spicy, a fantastic accompaniment to my iced coffee.  I loved how the flavor lingered in my mouth.  This was probably the moistest scone I've ever had, so awesome!  Lynn’s croissant was spot on in flavor, flakiness lightness.  This was an excellent breakfast spot.

I love being served coffee in real glasses.  Wonderful bacon scone!

Choosing a beer at a beer bar can be stressful, but luckily I made the right choice!

The Porter - 1156 Euclid Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30307 ~ 404.223.0393 Tried - Belgium fries, Fresh garbanzo beans with mint, beer Opinion – The fries were amazing!  Well seasoned with herbs and oil and a charred onion dipping sauce; there is nothing wrong with that.  Since we weren’t too hungry Lynn ordered the fresh garbanzo beans and they come served like edamame.  I am not a fan of garbanzo beans in any form, but these were actually really tasty.  They were well seasoned and fun to eat.  This was the first and only unhelpful waiter.  When I asked his opinion about a beer, their beer list is huge, he said it was boozy like that was a bad thing.  Obviously I want it boozy!  I don’t remember what beer I drank, but it was delicious.

Belgian fries seasoned with herbs and oil, served with charred onion dipping sauce + some fresh garbanzo beans.

Fritz’s bbq at Pete & Mila’s house A Sunday afternoon BBQ at Lynn’s brother’s house.  Homemade pulled pork with bbq sauce, potato salad, cole slaw, black bean/corn salad, fruit salad, and beer.  Probably the best pulled pork I’ve ever had.  Fritz smoked it all day and then we ate it with his homemade bbq sauce, crazy what people can do!  A delightful meal eaten in the backyard with great people.

Homemade BBQ dinner = perfect memorial day!

Highland Bakery - 55 Highland Avenue NE, No. 10, Atlanta, GA 30312 Tried - Blueberry crumb bar, Sweet potato scone knobs, and Peach julep cupcake Opinion – We stopped here on our way to the airport and I’m glad we did.  This bakery-café was packed with people waiting for brunch, but we just grabbed some pastries to go.  Their cupcake case was enticing and I wish I had more time to try all the cupcakes which came in both regular and mini size, genius.  The peach julep was fantastic with a Swiss meringue buttercream and sweet peach filling.  The star of breakfast was the sweet potato scone knobs.  They were moist little bites of sweetness.  I wish I had more right now!

Blueberry crumb cake, peach bellini cupcake, and sweet potato scone knobs, so good!

The best part of flying home, the only good part really.  Jimmy John's, "so tasty," love the #1 Pepe - always!

One Year Ago - Vanilla Bean Snickerdoodles