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» Pale Yellow

Cream together butter and sugar until pale yellow.

30-Day Photography Challenge - Week 1

Tracy Byrne

I've had my DSLR for a year now and although I've greatly improved my food photography skills, the rest of my photography skills are still lacking.  One thing I've heard over and over again is to take photographs everyday to practice your skills.  I'm going to try this for the month of July!  I'm following the 30-day photography challenge from Little Bennet, let's see how it's going!

Day - 1 - Self Portrait - Selfies are weird and awkward, plus I have short arms.  I took this one in my bedroom by looking into my mirror.  I love that you can see the old photos in the back.

Photograph Challenge - Day 1 - Self Potrait | Pale YellowDay 2 - What you Wore - On July 2 I flew back to NYC from Michigan and because I'm always freezing on planes, I wore a long, cotton maxi dress to stay warm.  My friend Michelle gave me the dress and I love how comfortable it is!

Photograph Challenge - Day 2 - What you wore| Pale YellowDay 3 - Clouds - This was a quick shot with minimal editing.  Gorgeous view off my back deck.

Photograph Challenge - Day 3 - Clouds | Pale YellowDay 4 - Something Green - My turtles!  Turtles do not follow directions or stay still making them difficult to photograph.  I love how their mood comes through in their mouths and eyes.

Turtles | Pale YellowDay 5 - After Dark - iPhone photo from the She & Him concert last Saturday night in Central Park.  It's quintessential New York to see a summer show.  Concerts give me the best natural high, I love them!  She & Him is a fantastic, folky band with beautiful melodies and soothing lyrics.

She & Him | Pale YellowDay  6 - Obsession - My manicure that has lasted a week!  I'm a recovering nail biter and use manis to keep myself in check.  Usually a good coat of paint only lasts me about 5 days, this one is going on 9!

Manicure | Pale YellowDay 7 - Changes to Come - I started my new job this week.  No photos yet, but I snapped this picture of my basket of desk supplies from my old classroom.  This is all I have left from my classroom, definitely a change to come!

Changes to Come | Pale YellowDay 8 - Routine - Everyday I line up my makeup and brushes on my dresser where I get ready.  I'm weird.

Routine | Pale YellowBonus - These are some extra photos taken with my iPhone and Instagram  Here's a peak at my past week!

During a visit to the Detroit Zoo with Stacey on my birthday we learned something very important - kangaroos don't like rain!  There is an exhibit where humans and kangaroos are together without a fence between us!  Because it was starting to drizzle, we were able to see all the kangaroos hop across the path to their little house.  The kangaroos were so close!IMG_1900Here is a grizzly bear done with life.Detroit Zoo Grizzly Bear | Pale YellowHere is my parents' dog Yogi, who like the bear, is done with life.Yogi the Newfoundland | Pale YellowStacey and I in the penguin house, we tried to get a penguin in the back.

Stacey & Tracy in the Penguin House at the Detroit Zoo | Pale YellowFavorite part of flying - Jimmy John's #1 Pepe for the ride back.

Jimmy John's | Pale YellowBirthday dinner with the roommates at Talde - an awesome restaurant in Park Slope.  We ate like kings!  Here are our watermelon margaritas and yuzu guacamole with on crispy rice.watermelon margaritas from talde | pale yellow

yuzu guacamole from talde | pale yellowOn the walk home it was half rainy and half sunny.  We turned around and saw a double rainbow, a DOUBLE rainbow.  Needless to say, pretty exciting!double rainbow | pale yellowThen we got the best froyo EVER at Culture - original with blueberry pie compote.

Culture Frozen Yogurt | Pale YellowTwo beach days - July 4th & 5th = lots of sunburn :-(  BUT I have a brand new, awesome beach chair backpack!  This is the life.

beach chair | pale yellowOne Year Ago - Cookie Crazy Cupcakes