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» Pale Yellow

Cream together butter and sugar until pale yellow.

What I Learned This Week #3

Tracy Byrne

fall fest 2 | pale yellowWhat I Learned This Week:

  • Fri. 10/18 - Preparation is key.  You can train a bunny to go to the bathroom on a plate.  He did go on a plate, but then stopped, I believe out of spite.
  • Sat. 10/19 - Ruth, Andrea, and I have become experts at planning & setting up parties!  We're going to quit our jobs and start a company.
  • Sun. 10/20 - If you become mysteriously sick and your husband makes all your meals, chances are he is slowing poisoning you with arsenic. #whothebleepdidImarry
  • Mon. 10/21 - It is never wrong to fight for what you believe in and watching middle school students do so is awe inspiring.  I left a home at the end June and I miss it.
  • Tues. 10/22 - Making Elephant's Toothpaste is a blast!  I'm super intrigued by the Dugger Family of 19 Kids and Counting.  I want to know more about this courting process where couples group text with their parents.
  • Wed. 10/23 - Content area literacy is applying the same reading strategies to all the different content areas while disciplinary literacy is reading in the content area the way an expert reads in that field.  There is a distinct difference my pedagogical friends, now you know.
  • Thurs. 10/24 - If you go to Dunkin' Donuts everyday and tip generously the barista knows your order, you get served faster, and you don't have have to use words, a simple nod is enough.

Interesting pieces around the Inter-nets:

  • A fascinating, and dare I say, incorrect article about the relationship between women and cupcakes.
  • Love BuzzFeed: 5 (19 Kids and Counting), 6 (miss it, b/c I used to be the one making the cupcakes), 8 (if you're a teacher it's the best. day.ever.), 9 (Andrea, you're the best!), and 10 (sometimes I miss taking the train everyday)
  • One - I want to visit this distillery and two - I want this book for Christmas.
  • Finally had a photo accepted at Food Gawker!

One Year Ago - Apple Cider Sangria, which is blowing up on Pinterest!apple cider sangria // pale yellow