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Cream together butter and sugar until pale yellow.

What I Learned This Week #13

Tracy Byrne

Please don't ask any questions.... Thanks Stacey! What I Learned This Week:

  • Sat. 12/28 - Always do a shot of whiskey with your uncles when invited.
  • Sun. 12/29 - Henry Cavill is indeed sexy in Man of Steal.
  • Mon. 12/30 - Paper stores are overwhelming in their cuteness and Lynn should totally own one!
  • Tues. 12/31 - Great friends, great food, and great champagne is all I need for a perfect New Year's Eve.
  • Wed. 1/1 - Season 2 of Girls is sad and it's completely possible to watch the entire season in one sitting.  Also proud to live in Spartan Nation!
  • Thurs. 1/2 - Central employees do not receive snow days.  Worst. News. Ever.
  • Fri. 1/3 - A big burger at lunch makes everything better.

Around the Internets:

  • Love this article about Mike Rowe and the importance of vocational education.  College isn't for everyone, children have different strengths; let's find a way to help build upon those strengths.
  • Maybe I'll learn things in 2014!
  • I can't wait to make this for dinner in my new crock pot in my new kitchen. Or this!
  • Gorgeous!

My dates for NYE!

One Year Ago - Chocolate Chip Walnut Brownies