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Cream together butter and sugar until pale yellow.

What I Learned This Week #33

Tracy Byrne

Eye'm watching you | Pale YellowWhat I Learned This Week:

  • Sat. 5/17 - There is nothing wrong with rearranging an entire apartment when the mood strikes.
  • Sun. 5/18 -The inter-borough traffic within Queens is horrific.
  • Mon. 5/19 - Excedrin is the BEST when it comes to migraines, seriously.
  • Tues. 5/20 - Second graders are super adorable when they want to share their science project with you.
  • Wed. 5/21 - Dishes need to be done everyday, I have no space for a backup. (see below)
  • Thurs. 5/22 - There are many different types of plants that look like clover, but aren't actually clover.  All those lucky four-leaf clovers may not be so lucky!
  • Fri. 5/23 - Perfect Friday in the summer = frozen adult beverages, pizza, and ice cream with great friends.  2014 is looking like the best. summer. EVER!

Around the Internets:

  • I need a kick start to health, this could help.  Even though it's from BuzzFeed, it looks great and realistic.
  • My type of boot camp!
  • A fantastic idea for a treat.

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