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» Pale Yellow

Cream together butter and sugar until pale yellow.

30 While 30

Tracy Byrne

pale yellow | 30 while 30Cliche? Yes.  Am I still going to do it?  Absolutely! pale yellow | 30 while 30I hear 30 is the new 20 and your 30's are the best time in your life.  I'm not complaining about any other portion of my life, but it seems each season has gotten better than the last.  With that being said, I'm thinking I have a lot to look forward to in the next decade.

pale yellow | 30 while 30So here it goes, 30 things I would like to accomplish in my 31st year of living to kick-off this new decade properly:

pale yellow | 30 while 3030 while 30

  1. Visit an exotic location - Aruba & Costa Rica
  2. AQ girls’ weekend
  3. Visit 3 NYC landmarks: Cloisters, Guggenheim, 3rd location TBApale yellow | 30 while 30
  4. Convince my dad to give NYC another try
  5. Celebrate my 30th birthday with some of my very best lady friends in Costa Rica
  6. Run a 10K
  7. Find a no-poo routine
  8. Ride my bike to work at least once
  9. Limit treats to special times, not everydaypale yellow | 30 while 30
  10. Develop a locavore sensibility - joined a CSA!
  11. Bake for a wedding
  12. Make my own bitters
  13. Master macarons
  14. Make 12 different ice creams
  15. Bake a perfect piepale yellow | 30 while 30
  16. Cook a proper toffee
  17. Make a 3-layer, decadent cake
  18. Take a photography and/or food styling class
  19. Do two "Eat All The Food” Posts
  20. Complete a 30-day and/or 365-day photo challenge
  21. Create a realistic and responsible savings plan I can adhere to for at least six months
  22. Decorate my bedroompale yellow | 30 while 30
  23. Reduce the amount of clothing in my closet by 33%
  24. Develop a better separation between work and home life
  25. Learn to like, enjoy, and/or love gin
  26. Find a perfume I enjoy so I can start establishing a “signature” scent
  27. Finish reading 1 book of quality per month: Gone Girl, The Thirteenth Tale, The Immortal Life of Henriette Lacks,
  28. Buy a proper, adult lady handbag and/or sunglassespale yellow | 30 while 30
  29. Maintain A’s in my graduate program
  30. Pick up the phone and call one far away friend a week

pale yellow | 30 while 30One Year Ago - Chocolate & Vanilla Twist Cupcakes