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Cream together butter and sugar until pale yellow.

What I Learned This Week #41

Tracy Byrne

Butterflies | Pale YellowI spent four days of grad school at the zoo - cue more animal facts.  Also, I'm in Aruba! What I Learned This Week:

  • Fri. 7/11 - Komodo dragons can eat up to 100 lbs of food in a day!  Plus they kill their prey by biting them, letting their poisonous saliva do its work as they follow the animal for several days, and then the komodo dragon eats its prey.
  • Sat. 7/12 - Snapping turtles are the state turtle of New York.
  • Sun. 7/13 - If you are ever in the Bronx Zoo, step out and visit the Riverwalk, it is gorgeous and peaceful, you feel like you've been transplanted to another world.
  • Mon. 7/14 - Pere David's deer are in the middle of a rutting, and by rutting I mean alpha males beating beta males to get all the ladies into their harem.
  • Tues. 7/15 - If I want chicken fingers bad enough, I'll make them myself.  They were fantastic!
  • Wed. 7/16 - Wedding's in Aruba are simply the best, so easy!
  • Thurs. 7/17 - Aruba is only 19 miles long and  7 miles wide, you really can see most of the island on ATV.  Also, ATV-ing is terrifying/thrilling.

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