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Cream together butter and sugar until pale yellow.

Chocolate Chia Pudding

Tracy Byrne

Chocolate Chia Pudding | Pale Yellow

The other day a student ate hot dogs at lunch, two mini, lunchable style hotdogs.  Since then I have heard several people mention hotdogs and I am completely in the mood for one.  Summer grilling season cannot come soon enough and in a few months I can cook a hotdog with a perfect stick over the fire.  It's time for summer.

The hot dog is not the only craving I have experienced lately, pudding has been high on the list.  When it came time for this month's Secret Recipe Club, I went on the hunt for a pudding recipe.  My feature is Culinary Adventures with Camilla and if you have not experienced her blog, you need to check it out!  Not only is Camilla Group B's fantastic hostess, she has a site full of recipes featuring unique and strange (to me) ingredients; it's an informative and interesting blog.

The first pudding recipe I found was cooked and featured chocolate, booze, and cacao nibs.  You know I love booze and chocolate, and cacao nibs have been sitting on my shelf for months waiting for a special recipe.  However, time won, and I went for a recipe that required zero cooking.

Enter my first chia pudding.  For about a year now I've been eating overnight oatmeal here, here, here, and here, but had yet to foray into straight up chia pudding.  The pudding is rich and creamy, but with texture from the chia seeds.  Cashew milk is lovingly creamy and adds body and a light flavor to the pudding.  It is remarkable that the pudding is dairy and gluten free plus vegan.  Take that dietary restrictions!  To make it nut free, sub in coconut milk.

Chia puddings will be making appearances more frequently in my life.  It's so easy, a few ingredients, shake, and refrigerate.  It is a relatively healthy treat ready for new and exciting flavor combinations.

Print the Recipe!

Chocolate Chia Pudding

Adapted from Culinary Adventures with Camilla

Yield - 4 servings

6 tablespoons chia seeds

2 cups cashew milk

2 tablespoons unsweetened dark cocoa

2 tablespoons maple syrup

pinch of salt

splash of vanilla

cashews for garnish

  1. Mix the chia seeds, cashew milk, cocoa, maple syrup, salt, and vanilla in a bowl until well combined.  Cover and refrigerate overnight, at least 12 hours.

  2. Garnish with whole cashews and enjoy for dessert.

  3. Or... enjoy for breakfast by building a parfait with sliced bananas and more cashews for crunch.  That’s healthy, right?!?!