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» Pale Yellow

Cream together butter and sugar until pale yellow.

I Do What I Want v. 3

Tracy Byrne

It's been a busy, but amazing summer!


  • Mumford & Sons in the rain - they are amazing live, you must go see them
  • Nichole visited and we dined at Taverna Kyclades- one of my top 5 dining out experiences of all time, the food was exceptional
  • Rockaway Taco at Rockaway Surf Club - a summer fav, you can never have enough fish tacos and the people watching is phenomenal
  • Angela's wedding - in love with love, a beautiful day with my favorite girls celebrating the best couple


  • Namibia to study cheetahs - so much to bring, I'm mitten with these cats
  • African sunrises - and sunsets, spectacular
  • sleeping with elephants - pictures do not do it justice
  • eating all the game meat - oryx is the best, the zebra was weird


  • lobster night - a lovely summer tradition
  • perfect blueberry pie - bringing up my pie game
  • dessert & cocktails for dinner - always!  Butter & Scotch, you should go
  • solo lady dates - at Fort Defiance with a super barkeep
  • new succulent garden - thought about this all summer, finally made it happen!
  • beer tasting in Boston - Harpoon has the best pretzels
  • buffalo wings in Buffalo - why not?!?!
  • keeping it classy in Northern MI - fancy cheese tray after drinking and kayaking, perfect!


  • leaving puppy Si - I love him, I should have brought him back with me
  • all the frozen sangria - no more words needed
  • successful scallops - so tasty and I made them myself
  • Colonial Williamsburg - in the pillars for being naughty and lunch time cocktails in a tavern